Summer refreshing shorts with all occasions of the week

This site on July 8th was in the midsummer and it was light and comfortable to wear. What single item would you think of in your mind? Yes, it was shorts! It was easy to wear and various styles could be created in different styles. You can cope with various occasions, whether it is work or dating, you can find suitable shorts LOOK, so wear shorts next week!

1. Denim shorts

Suitable occasions: work, appointments, etc.

This is an absolute universal single product, it is estimated that everyone has it in the closet, you can use any shorts with denim shorts, anyway, how can not go wrong.

2, profile shorts

Suitable occasions: go to work

Of course, you can wear shorts to go to work, choose the hottest silhouette shorts this summer, usually the texture of the suit fabric, with a white shirt or exposed stomach outfit, sexy fashion OL LOOK.

3, high waist shorts

Suitable occasions: dating vacation

High-waisted shorts can be very good to cover the fat on the stomach, while raising your body ratio, but also a little retro taste.

4, Bermuda shorts

Suitable occasions: dating leisure

This type of shorts can be described as the product of the rejuvenation this summer, to the length of the knee. The relaxed style is handsome and the jeans style is wild. Cool and full of free and handsome girls.

5, printing, color shorts

Suitable occasions: dating vacation

Although shorts with color shorts and printed elements are not all-purpose singles, they can definitely be tried in the summer. Colored shorts are printed on top with the colors of the shorts, or the universal white Tee is a good partner for printed shorts. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperative media: street ladder shoes)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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