Zhou Dasheng Jin Jinyu wears only one month of gold tablets falling off complaints

“It took 2,400 yuan to buy a gold inlaid jade pendant. The result was only one month, and the surface of the jade appeared to fall off.” On January 26, Ms. Zhang from Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning complained that she suspected the gold. There are quality problems in jade pendants.

Consumer: I only fall off wearing a month of gold

"This necklace is bought for my mother. My mother likes it very much and wears it very carefully. But I didn't expect it to be worn for just over a month. The gold on the gold inlaid jade fell off!" According to Ms. Zhang, she was in 2014. On September 6th, a gold inlaid jade pendant was purchased at the Fuzhou Xintiandi Zhou Dasheng Jewelry counter for more than 2,400 yuan. When buying, the merchant repeatedly told him that the gold inlay was very good. I gave it to my mother as a gift during the National Day holiday. After that, Ms. Zhang’s mother was carefully dressed, but the gold piece of gold inlaid with jade fell off for just over a month. The gold-encrusted jade that is carefully cared for is so fragile? When she found the business to seek an answer, the other party said that this is not a quality problem, can be repaired free of charge, but can not be returned.

"After the gold piece fell off, I faintly saw a glue-like substance between the gold piece and the jade. I suspect that this is glued on. It is not a mosaic process, that is, the 'golden jade jade' on the Internet!" Ms. said that gold is so easy to fall off, indicating that the process is not good.

On this issue, the person in charge of the gold surname of Zhou Dasheng Jewelry Store of Dalian Fujia Xintiandi said that if consumers suspect that there are quality problems in the goods, they can go to the authoritative appraisal department for identification, and Zhou Dasheng will deal with them according to the identification results. For the reflection of the gold film and jade reflected by the consumer is the problem of inlay or stickiness, only the process is different, and has nothing to do with quality. In addition, if the consumer is subjected to external forces or irresistible factors during wearing, the gold sheet will fall off, which is a normal phenomenon. The store can repair the goods for free and carry out secondary reinforcement treatment.

Identification Department: Only the material and content identification can not identify the process

On January 28th, in response to the problems encountered by Ms. Zhang, the reporter contacted the Liaoning Provincial Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The staff said that the appraisal center only identified the material and content of the jewelry, and the processing technology of the jewelry could not be identified.

The staff told reporters that "golden inlaid jade" is also known as the gold-plated tin inlay process, that is, the craft title of tin-plated gold in the surface of jade, ceramics, purple sand, glass and other handicrafts. The middle piece of gold inlaid jade jewelry is pressed up by thousands of gold. Generally, it is pressed and formed by thousands of gold gold foil. After the gold piece falls off, it can only be negotiated with the merchant, or repaired, or returned.

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