The efficacy and role of various crystals

What are the functions and effects of various crystals? The following is a brief summary of the effects of common natural crystals and other gemstones. You are not very clear about the effect of natural crystals.

White crystal: natural white crystal is the king of natural crystal. It has pure and stable energy. It is a complex of all energy. Natural white crystal has a town house, evil spirits, smashing the body, purifying the whole body, removing the disease, and tending to open. Invigorate the mind and enhance the memory;

Tea crystal: Tea crystal is also called ink crystal, smoke crystal, and the energy of natural tea crystal is very stable. Tea crystal can make wounds heal faster, improve immunity, promote the development of regenerative ability, and also activate cells, restore youth, and even have the effect of rejuvenation. In terms of spirituality, tea crystal can absorb turbidity and illness, and has the effect of warding off evil spirits. It can also help the analysis and mastery of the ability to help improve the taste. Tea crystal can strengthen the bottom of the sea, for women, it can also mediate blood gas, has a strengthening effect on women's disease; has a significant enhancement effect on male sexual function;

Amethyst: Natural amethyst is honored as a guardian stone of love in Western countries, representing the love of Gao Jie and his strong, often used as a love stone for couples. It can give deep love, harmony, honesty and courage to couples and couples. Amethyst can also develop intelligence, smooth emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate, increase memory, enhance interpersonal relationships, give courage and strength, and often use to develop wisdom, suitable for candidates.

Citrine: Natural citrine is capable of emitting yellow cosmic energy and is called the Stone of Wealth. The citrine is a rational body, and the main favor is fortune. It can bring unexpected wealth, enhance personal self-confidence, and help the mood to be gentle and teach people to follow the actual practice. Citrine can strengthen the liver and stomach and digestive organs, especially the stomach cold.

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