Gorgeous dress to create the most charming style of the annual meeting

Annual meeting, as the highlight of the year-end, this smokeless war no less than the stars on the red carpet contests, because only the right to wear is the biggest winner! Five Plus launched a series of gorgeous little dress, fashion women to provide the most delicate and beautiful wearing experience, to create the most charming style of the annual meeting.

Five Plus

Classic black dress upper body with tailor-made cut, the soft profile and the perfect blend of pretty flavor, mini-length skirt wide hem from the visual to create a delicate curve, and infuse playful atmosphere.

华丽小礼服 打造年会最迷人造型

The beautiful night sky star interpreted as a romantic profile, this little black star series to the looming gauze combined with stars patterns bring visual tension, the perfect interpretation of the fantasy sky charm. Your Ta, will definitely be defeated in your pomegranate skirt.

华丽小礼服 打造年会最迷人造型

Festive moment, how can there be less red makeup? Shoulder hollow design dress red dress, a simple round neck cut, high waist Slim design, big skirt is modified the perfect figure, even more tall, slim, full of charm.

华丽小礼服 打造年会最迷人造型

White, romantic colors, sexy, elegant Tube Top style, the United States and the United States to show the shoulder lines are particularly beautiful, more attractive, with a delicate make-up red lips makeup, the Queen Queen's strong aura for you party .

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