MO&Co2014 autumn and winter 10 classic pop style

Rock, street, sports, boys and girls... MO Fan's children have to express themselves in a multi-style, self-independent attitude to life, from silhouette coats and motorcycle jackets to printed sweaters and neat pencil skirts. Mix and match each other to create a new look MO looks. This fall, whether you love the style of art, or you love neutral temperament, you can always find the most suitable style for you in the MO & Co. fashion wardrobe closet, and now announced for you the 10 most autumn and winter of 2014 Classic MO looks!


Flowers are precious treasures in nature and they are also our beautiful patterns. The different shapes and colors of the flowers are stacked and tiled to create a poetic artistic sense under different materials and expressions. The toughness of the motorcycle jacket and the softness of the petals form a sharp and interesting contrast.


The grey lapel wool coat is always indulgent, it is the most simple jacket, elegant and calm, there is no lack of personality declaration. Under this quiet appearance, express yourself, you need eye-catching slogan top, distinctive flare skirt, and exaggerated baroque decorative necklace.


Under the sharp cardigan, it is a casual and personalized fashion sweater. The fun Mickey cartoon is still the most trendy icon in this season. Play a variety of black and white, the combination of geometric patterns of different styles, stacked out of infinite cool fun.


Interesting graffiti statue paintings and slogan express eclectic street humor. The subculture became a new design inspiration. The embroidered pattern of the empress statue was complemented by bright orange fishtail skirts and embroidered rhinestone baseball jackets.

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