The meaning of the jade Buddha pendant

Jade Buddha pendants have recently sold fire in the market. Dai Yufo Pendant has become a fashion in this society. What is the meaning of the jade Buddha pendant?

We know that since ancient times, jade is a very good accessory, and people regard jade as a precious treasure. Because jade has a translucent feel, smooth and soft and beautiful. And jade corresponds to the heart of the person, as well as medical effects. We know that if a piece of jade is taken for a long time, it is said that there is spirituality, and it becomes a unique jade that belongs to oneself and has the function of protecting the body. If the jade Buddha falls and is carried on the body, the Buddha itself has the purpose of warding off evil spirits, so the jade Buddha pendant is one of the jewelry of choice for many people.

The general jade Buddha pendants are mainly Maitreya Buddha. First, it is generous and good-looking. Second, it is in China's private sector. There is such a saying. We know that Maitreya's appearance is a big belly, and the mouth keeps laughing. There is a couplet that is written like this: "The big belly can tolerate the things that can't be tolerated in the world; the one who laughs and smiles, laughs at the ridiculous people in the world" means that we bring such a jade Buddha, not only good-looking, not tacky, but also amulet. When we bring it, we will have the same Buddha's mind, we can accommodate everything, treat things and people with a kind of normal heart, and kindly, make us open-minded, have no distractions, no concern, and go to face happily every day. For everything.

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