Jewelry and jade identification certificate is not reliable?

Recently, the author visited and found that the types of identification certificates for jewelry and jade products are quite numerous. In Wangfujing Department Store, a salesperson of a jewellery jade brand told the author that the brand's identification certificate was issued by the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and is the most authoritative certificate of the country. In front of another brand's counter, the salesperson said that the certificate of the brand's jewellery was issued by the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and was the most authoritative certificate of the country. Both of them said that their respective appraisal institutions are state-level, and the level and credibility of the appraisal are not comparable to those of provincial and municipal appraisal organizations.

At Jianye Kaixuan Square in Kaixuan Road, the author saw the identification certificates issued by four different institutions on four jewellery and jade counters, some of which were from China University of Geosciences and some with the identification of “national”. "We have three logos on CMA, CAL, and CNAS on this certificate. These three logos represent the highest level in the country. What are you worried about?" In front of a counter, the salesperson went to the public who was picking the jade ring. Liang Shuming "teaching" the most authoritative method of distinguishing which certificate. "I didn't expect the certificate to be so complicated. Who should we listen to?" Liang Shuming is "a foggy."

Reminder certificate must have a stamp or anti-counterfeiting mark

The author searched the “Jade Identification Certificate” on the Internet, and the results showed that there were 1668 eligible items. Moreover, most sellers in the description of the goods, have written "national authority identification", "online check" and other similar words, the price also ranges from 10 yuan to 50 yuan.

The author then called the Jinyin Jewelry Testing Center of the Henan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to understand. A staff member introduced that the jewellery and jade identification certificate corresponds to the physical object, that is, one certificate and one certificate, and the certificate should have the goods. Picture and weight, the basic physical, chemical, and optical characteristics of some jadeite should also be indicated on the certificate. "There must be a signature of the inspector (must be two people), and the certificate must have a stamp or anti-counterfeiting mark."

The staff reminded the public to be cautious when purchasing jade. If the inquiry is not available or the result of the inquiry is inconsistent with the content on the certificate, the certificate may be false.

"There are some merchants who only take the expensive jewelry for cost-saving inspection, so there will be some certificates, some will not have certificates. However, it is not excluded that the jewelry sold by individual merchants is unqualified jewelry. For consumers It is best to go to a regular business to buy jewelry, and ask the merchant to provide a test certificate, and provide sales bills, etc., the staff said.

Do you know: Jewelry and jade identification certificate also depends on the logo

First, look at the inspection agency. The state has strict qualifications for the quality certification body of jewellery and jade. Only by passing the certification, the certificate issued is valid. CMA, CAL, CNAS are commonly seen on the jewellery and jade identification certificate.

Second, look at the test content. Including jewelry name, color, clarity, total mass, density, refractive index and other items, in the national certification of jewelry and jade testing institutions, these items are very strict. See the signature of the appraiser. The certificate of identification must be signed and confirmed by two appraisers to be valid. One is the appraiser and the other is the reviewer. Look at the seal. Strict should be a stamp, and the above font can be clearly identified.

Third, look at the number. The number of this certificate on the back of the certificate is the same as the number on the back of the object. Some certificates have the number of websites that can be queried or can be queried by SMS. If the item is genuine, the number can be checked to find the style you purchased.

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