This fall and winter coat what jacket popular look good

Autumn and winter, the most indispensable is the coat, in different occasions, choose a different jacket, with all kinds of skirts, wherever can highlight the feminine fashion. However, if the coat is poorly selected, a thin man will wear fat, bloated cumbersome, stature, "fat decent." So, what style of autumn and winter coat popular? How to match the coat was significant body?


Cloak, this vintage and has a British style jacket single product, the annual autumn and winter will come out on the show back. This red cloak loaded, quite a festive festive feeling, wearing the Christmas season or Chinese New Year is very good, as long as with a different primer shirt. Now because the weather is not the coldest, you can take the lace skirt, you can look very sexy. The lapel, horns buckle so that this cloak was installed quite stiff dry, but also a little more capable of women.

今年秋冬流行什么外套 外套怎么搭配才好看

Jacket in accordance with the most simple way to distinguish, not short is long. Just this year's long coat successfully reversed the return, set off a while nostalgia, retro feelings, for some like to go mature and elegant route for women is a good choice. Like this long knees and dark gray coat, thick fabric texture is very thick, minimalist lapels and buttons full of atmosphere, shoulder sleeves cropped Tingruo type, so that the overall line clean and tidy. Take a small black dress and shining necklace jewelry, party to participate in what easy hold live audience.

今年秋冬流行什么外套 外套怎么搭配才好看

In addition to the coat, in the winter there is ultimately one that can withstand the cold down jacket. Fortunately, the current down jacket design is also more and more sophisticated, there is no previous bloated, ugly feeling, young and fashionable women are no longer resistant. If you want to look better, you can choose such a short paragraph, waist version can show your curve well, the stripe of the quilted line can reduce the bloated feeling, while avoiding the problems such as running down with fur collar The hooded design adds warmth, with a simple beige sweater and black umbrella skirt, you can show a good build.

Photo Credit: Kezi Iraq -OCCICI Women's 2014 Fall Winter Collection

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