Collection of agate needs to see three

Collection of agate should pay attention to three.

1. Look at the color.

The high-quality natural agate has glass and oily luster. The natural pattern is bright and bright, natural and pure, smooth and smooth. The texture is natural and smooth. The most important thing is that there is a gradient on the agate. The color is distinct, the layering is strong, and the strip is obvious. The quality and luster of the quality agate are both worse. Usually the color of agate determines its appreciation potential. All grades of agate are best in red, blue, purple and pink. The color should be translucent and should be free from impurities, sand and cracks.

2, from the production process.

Natural agate stone is hard, lubricated and dignified, so its engraving takes more effort than jade carving. In general, agates that have been crafted by skilled craftsmen are highly collectible, and the thinner agate is more difficult to carve. If you see the old Ming and Qing agates in the market, you should be careful about modern imitations. Because of the engraving process at the time, the hole punched in the middle is not very smooth, and it is generally twisted and twisted. If you see a smooth hole in the hole, you can basically judge it as a fake or a fake.

3, from the perspective of the shape.

The agate collection with its typical shape has a high value. The texture of agate is very hard, and it takes dozens of processes to make it. Therefore, the more complex the shape, the higher the cost, and the higher its value. For example, in 2007, at the Christie's auction in New York, a Qing Dynasty agate deer-shaped snuff bottle, the shape of the sculpture is vivid, the final transaction price is as high as 1,216,800 yuan. Such characteristic Ming and Qing old agate products are very collectible. At present, the agate crafts of the tablewareware series is the fastest-rising plate in the entire agate family. In the 2006 Beijing auction market, a natural agate plate with a golden carp jumping dragon gate created a high price of 290,000 yuan.

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