Haining Yintai City SnowBound Women's Counter Opens Grandly

The Haining Yintai City SnowBound counter opened on September 28, 2014 and will be held during the opening ceremony.

Hai Ning Yintai City SnowBound counters grand opening on September 28, 2014, will be held during the opening celebrations.

Address? Yintai City Snow Bound counter , No. 363 , Haichang South Road, Haizhou Street, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China

? Time? September 28 - October 7


There will be a series of activities during the opening period, and there will be exquisite gifts. Please visit the store for details.

Autumn and winter goods in 2014 have been new, welcome!

Stylish and fashionable Snow Bound ?

Snow Bound brand, in terms of styling is a rational line to express the feminine temperament, the details of the place so that women always show confidence , and effortlessly chic. The simple and elegant design of the atmosphere, maintaining a high artistic style without losing practicality, a strong cultural heritage gives the brand a simple and quiet quality, is a simple luxury, restrained publicity. In terms of design techniques, Snow Bound constantly explores design methods that are full of expressiveness and sense of the times. The use of materials and colors is ingenious, portraying the three-dimensional inner realm and rich connotations of modern women. Everything is so exquisite and avant-garde, as if the design passed on gives everyone a happy, freewheeling pleasure.

? 2014SnowBound autumn and winter fashion trends?

Snow Bound2014 relives childhood dreams in autumn and winter, using new expressionist painting techniques to combine butterflies and pop dots, layered strokes and vivid colors to increase the texture of the picture, in the Snow Bound customary fashion style, into the retro fantasy The artistic elements give these colors to the fabrics of knits, woolen fabrics, and space cotton. A dialogue with the arts opens the picture frame of memory. The wonderful memories are like these wonderful pictures, showing romantic fashion, The rich connotation of the modern women who are both gentle and soft, with a strong visual impact, creates a unique female image of charm and strikes a lively sense of fashion.

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