Warmly celebrate the Kechara Bell Shaoguan, Guilin, Guangxi, Zhejiang Wenling three stores opened in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Dangdang! Kaspersky Shaoguan Shixing store, Guangxi Guilin store, Zhejiang Wenling store will be officially opened on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with three stores open, so that this reunion festival festive.


We have a strong customer service team ready, opening guide, post-sales skills taught, sales management guidance, we are only for one purpose: Let us Card Sibel small business partners are booming, make big money. The other side of the dream is always beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. The Kessel Bel underwear gives you the most intimate and comfortable pampering: the simple and romantic fashion, the playful, fresh and natural elegance, the sexy and elegant, the irresistible woman charm.

In this era of advocating love and care of their own pink, a woman is to live out of their own self-confidence, bloom their charm. Let your life is always full of happiness, gorgeous coat can give women a stunning appearance, even in millions of people are shining "stars." However, the shine of the aura rubs on the intriguing inner curve, but also will not be eclipsed, because the inner beauty will always give the woman a natural self-confidence and beauty! Here, on behalf of all the families of Kabel Bell, wish Scarborough Shaoxing Shixing shop, Guilin, Guangxi shop, Zhejiang Wenling shop, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the opening day, the business is booming, extra cash! ! !

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