Under Armour Limited Edition Apollo and Curry Collections

Under Armour limited edition Apollo and Curry series to shop.

Innovative UA Speedform technology allows you to focus more on running! Ergonomic seamless heel coaster, silicone locking heel with more style, smooth ultrasonic stitching with Bemis straps, like the second layer of skin like foot protection and comfort. Ultrasonic joint stomatal uppers are durable and breathable. Injection molded 4D foaming material insole can fully conform to the foot shape to prevent slippage. The whole palm Micro G foam material reduces the impact of landing and transforms into strong elastic force. The TPU curve in the middle foot adds extra protection and stability, and the key parts of the outsole are used. The UA Light Speed ​​Grip technology interprets the super light grip performance to the extreme and meets the natural structure and heel performance.

Weight: 7.0 ounces .

One-piece 3D molded tongue envelops the foot to provide optimal wrapping and comfort. An external heel stabilizer makes the heel optimal for support and comfort. The lightweight UA Clutch Fit technology material is like The second layer of skin is wrapped in feet to give support and comfort. The palm of the hand uses Micro G , an innovative cushioning material unique to UA , which is lightweight and has excellent rapid response.

UA Clutch Fit is like a "second skin" that is light and full, strong and supple. Ultra-breathable mesh layer and synthetic shoe upper, tightly supported the midfoot, and die 4D foamed insole can fully conform to the foot shape to prevent slippage. The UA Spine chassis technology has the advantages of being light, flexible and firm, and the Micro G enclosed in the chassis. Foaming material brings unparalleled elasticity and energy, wear-resistant rubber outsole perfectly balances grip and abrasion resistance.

Weight: 8.75 ounces

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