14 jade stones you don't know wear taboo

1. Not your jade, don't take it with you. Your own jade can protect yourself.

2. Some people say that ancient jade will stop the disaster. Some people have encountered some accidents, but people are fine, but the jade is broken. This is the jade is helping you stop the disaster.

3. But some people say that it is best not to wear ancient jade, especially if there is blood on the jade. Jade has memories. There may be many enmity on it. Some people start to get sick after wearing ancient jade, and even have nightmares. Therefore, the ancient jade is generally not worn, this is the rule, there are too many things with the appearance of ancient jade.

4. Ancient jade does not need to be opened, so don't be deceived.

5. If the jade and the people are together, they must look at the fate. If there is a jade, they will raise people. If they are not, they will have disasters.

6. Jade can't be sent by people. You have received jade from others, and that jade is not your protector. On the contrary, it is hard to hear that you are helping people stop the disaster.

7. The new jade is very picky to the owner, and will not easily become the jade, so when you start wearing the new jade, you will be a little embarrassed, and it will always be unsatisfactory. But if you still don't leave it when you are not good, he will admit you later and then start sheltering you.

8. If jade is in contact with people for a long time, it will be slowly affected by people, and people will be affected by jade. If the wearer is a good person, then the jade on his body will have sufficient positive power to keep people safe; if it is a wicked person, then the jade will be very heavy, but it will cause trouble.

9. Ancient people cloud: Gentleman has no reason, jade does not leave. Friends who bring their own jade, especially from a young age, there is no special reason, it is best not to take it down.

10. The old man said that the ancient jade is memorable, so Dai Yu wants to wear the jade of the new pit. Who knows who the old jade used to wear. Jade is usually only loyal to one person, so it is said that the jade worn by others cannot be brought, especially the ancient jade, the jade that is buried.

11. If the jade is broken, it must help you out of the disaster. It should be wrapped in red paper (cloth) and buried. This is the "burial jade." After that, it is best to ask yourself a piece.

12. With jade, don't bring bloody, many unscrupulous businessmen, put them in the abdominal cavity of live cats and live in the underground for a period of time.

13. Jade is spiritual. Don’t take it off if you wear it for more than three months. It’s even worse if you give it away.

14. Everyone should know, male Daiyin female Dai Buddha.

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