What colors this year, popular woolen candy coat with

There are many colors of candy colors, all colors will be loved, Dan Ti Shi women fall and winter candy color woolen jacket style, woolen fabric coupled with the color of candy, imagine the picture is very dazzling today small series To introduce two candy color woolen jacket with style.

丹缇施 - Dantisy

There are short sections of the jacket style, long section, each girl has its own way with this fresh long green coat style, double-breasted version is very suitable for fall dress, solid color candy colors more Fresh, take a pure white dress, accompanied by black bottoming socks, this dress is absolutely eye-catching fall.

今年流行什么颜色呢子 糖果色呢子外套搭配

Small girls like to choose a short paragraph of the jacket is more obvious, this bright yellow short jacket style, woolen fabric, the same is with a white dress, the same within the take, different with a jacket, but there Different effects, a small girl this short section of the jacket is absolutely perfect for you Oh.

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