Imposing, igniting Hubei! Korean Department of Ladies brand less - the rise of Central Department of love

[Character introduction] Love Mr. Liu Yubo, general manager of Wuhan branch, has a wealth of experience and performance in the apparel industry, engaged in apparel industry operations management for many years, has served as a women's brand company regional manager, marketing manager, general manager of senior assistant, Marketing Director, general manager of the joint-stock branch, all the way to steady, create business legend! Young and promising him, the apparel industry has a keen sense of the market and a profound understanding of marketing management experience of the Road! From the "you from the stars," he has become attached to the romance that ignites the rise of central China's torch centering on Hubei. To see how he is analyzing the development trend of ladies.


From the "you from the stars" to see the Department of Korean ladies foreground, sweet fashion style!


Korean drama "You Are From The Stars" - A television masterpiece that set off a frenzy of ratings, which is the first time that Juizhin Hsien returned to television theater in 14 years. The actress Qian Song Iraq articulate, nerve big, poisonous tongue proud Jiao taste, strong optimistic true not hypocritical! She knows how to use hardworking and lucky to cover up the fragility of heart! Unconsciously, she quiet and noble in time, and sometimes crazy pure gesture step by step into the actor's heart.

As the drama has gathered a well-blow popularity, actress Qian Song Yi plays actress Jun Ji-hyun Shaosu fashion clothing has also been a hot topic in the play. It is reported that Jun Ji-hyun in the play on average, there will be 7 sets of clothes, from start to finish are "explosive." Zhengrun Ji (INTREND representative), the costume stylist responsible for Ju Ji-Hsun's costume, said that after the release of "Star You", the media in China and Southeast Asia kept contacting with this fashion stylist and really felt the super-popular style of Che-Son's clothes.

Visible, with thousands of Song Yi dress as the representative of the young ladies fashion blitz by urban young people!

In the face of rapid changes in the market, casual fashion, fashion and women's wear market also reached the peak of saturation, the only blue in the fast fashion less there is great potential. It is in line with the trend of love, using big-name fabrics, fashion design, price of the people and the general development of the majority of dealers.

International fast fashion ZARA and H & M are using "a small amount, a variety of" product strategy, both broke the traditional clothing industry season limited in the same season will continue to introduce new styles for consumers to choose. Domestic fast fashion CC & DD and flowers are used to "less money, more" brand strategy, but also a place in the country. Department of Korean women's clothing with two combinations.

Shaosu fast fashion women's style positioning and marketing positioning of the brand in the next three to five years will be a very strong momentum of development! Department of Love to create the first domestic Korean Department of Shu-fast fashion women, leading the fashion trend, you are invited to collaboration!

China's top ten ladies ladies brand - Department of Love brand operation interpretation:

Product Design : In-depth cooperation between senior design team and top fashion planning companies in South Korea, the first time to learn the international fashion trends, according to the domestic market to make a reasonable product line planning to ensure that both prominent overall style, but also very strong wearability Single design.

Fast fashion : 365 days of uninterrupted research and development, timely follow the fashion trends and market demand. 300-500 new quarterly listing, the unified orders from the head office, uniform according to the wave band distribution to the stores, a variety of logistics channels to ensure speed and effect, the real sense of fast fashion.

Production supply chain : 2014 Love the head office in the original two existing factories, based on the original building of the original three times the size of the large-scale production base, from the source to control the progress and quality of production to ensure that a variety of small quantities, weeks and new products Operating mode!

Zero inventory : Department of love with all the franchise stores Direct operating mode of distribution business, unified commodity deployment and management, unified ERP data management system. End of the season 100% return, inter-quarter unified transfer. Compared with "ordering system", customers do not need to take inventory risk.

Operation Management : The headquarter of the Company started the "Special Service Team to Improve the Performance of Department Store", and promoted the performance improvement of all stores from commodities, planning, promotion, display and training, etc. "You open a shop and I manage! You make money and I develop ".



2014 Korean series less Shu fashion women's dress in Hubei! Opened the "Love" Central Rise strategy!

18 months the company let profit 30 million, support 300 Department stores love cabinet!

Real "fast fashion"! Zero inventory! Direct marketing! Product development is the core, operational management is the key!

Shop profit is the most important!


Believe that the general manager of Hubei branch Mr. Liu Yubo led by the company in full support of the Department of Love Boost, support policy support, "Department of Love," the dark horse will become the Central Department of Shaoxing fast fashion women's brand star brand!

Hubei Branch Address: No.300 Zhongshan Road, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Kuma Mall 3A01

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