Eight collocations of silver make you more beautiful!


1. The silver town decoration with colored artificial gemstones is suitable for young girls to wear.

2, Tibetan silver personality is strong, it is not suitable to wear professional wear, so as not to give people a lack of professional and capable feeling.

3, professional wear is suitable to match the style of simple, sleek sterling silver necklace.

4, casual wear is suitable for matching the unique design, exaggerated sterling silver ring.

5, cute dress to wear a silver bracelet with a small bell is suitable.

6, silver ornaments should not be mixed with gold jewelry, but different styles of silver can be worn together, present a rich texture, attending a luxurious occasion or wearing gorgeous clothing, should choose a silver jewelry with precious jewelry, diamonds.

7. After the silverware becomes old and black, it does not have to be cleaned to continue to wear. The nostalgic taste is also very good, and the silverware is a fashionable thing. Pay attention to the style that is often changed.

8. The popular collocation method presented this year is to mix two or more silverwares to create a unique feeling.

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