NAERSI Nals 2014 autumn and winter fashion release false and real incitement to open modern season

April 10, 2014, NAERSI 2014 autumn and winter fashion conference in Shenzhen City winner of the modern curtain!

娜尔思 - NAERSI

Not difficult to understand the concept of difficult astringent, but without unnecessary extra carefree faux leds, with "Runway to real life! False and false incitement" as the theme of the NAERSI 2014 autumn and winter series of fashion design, people feel the "best fashion design is For more practical wear "," fashion itself is a desire, "the true meaning!

NAERSI娜尔思2014秋冬时装发布 虚与实的煽动开启摩登季

NAERSI娜尔思2014秋冬时装发布 虚与实的煽动开启摩登季

NAERSI娜尔思2014秋冬时装发布 虚与实的煽动开启摩登季

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