Ancient porcelain collections to be careful

Ancient porcelain collections to be careful
The 11th Tianbao Salon held by Jiadingtang recently learned that after the Spring Festival, the ancient porcelain collections in Shenzhen have become increasingly hot. Experts suggest that for ancient porcelain collections, students should not be blindly obliged to learn relevant knowledge before they can “seek truth” in their collections.
Learn more ancient porcelain knowledge
In this salon, the porcelain expert, the researcher of the Palace Museum, the appraisal expert of the Chinese Family Appraisal Committee, Ye Peilan, and the researcher and researcher of the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Zhao Qingyun visited Shenzhen to explain the ancient porcelain appreciation knowledge for the Pengcheng Tibetan friends.
Ye Peilan has been engaged in the finishing, custody and identification of ancient Chinese ceramics for more than 40 years, and has conducted in-depth research on the ancient ceramics collected by the Palace Museum. Ye Peilan said to a large number of Tibetan friends that many people nowadays are relatively eager for quick collection and instant benefit. “If the collection's mentality is not right, it is easy to be deceived or even to bankrupt.”
Ye Peilan said that with modern technology, it is not difficult to make counterfeit products real. Ancient porcelain collection, first look at the "fetal." The quality of the fetal material can be observed from the cross-section. “The cross section of the old porcelain is porous. If the cross section is very delicate and smooth, Shiyou** is a modern porcelain.”
Ye Peilan believes that the "feel" of porcelain is very important. "Every generation of porcelains are moderate in weight, too heavy or too light, and they will not work." The "thin tires" during the Tang and Song dynasties were few, and even the relatively light and thin green and white porcelain did not reach "Thin as paper" state. Modern thin tire technology is better than ancient ones. Therefore, in the handed down works, too thin works are rare. At the same time, things that are too heavy are not enough. Now there are some high imitations that are accompanied by new bottles. The carcass is very thick and very deceptive.
How to identify enamelware
In the identification of enamel porcelain, Zhao Qingyun is a leading figure. He not only solved the history of the two porcelain kiln mouthpieces of the Song Dynasty enamel and enamel, but also personally unearthed eight complete kiln kiln firing complete device, confirming that the firing period of the ancestral kiln was only Song Zheyuan Yuan Yuyuan. Year (1086) to Song Huizong Chongning Five years (1106) about 20 years.
Zhao Qingyun said that the biggest difference between the official kiln kiln and the folk kiln enamel is the glaze. “The agate of the kiln porcelain enamel is mixed with agate, and the kiln of the kiln is not. Adding the enamel of the agate, in the main colors of azure, sky blue, and powder blue, the faint redness of the surface will appear. Observed under a magnifying glass, you can see these blushes, and people's kiln burns no matter how good it is, and this effect cannot be achieved.Accordingly, Zhao Qingyun believes that although the identification of porcelain should be from the shape, pattern, glaze formula, firing method, firing temperature Such aspects as comprehensive considerations, but whether or not it is mixed with agate, is the most simple and straightforward way to identify porcelain enamel.
Zhao Qingyun believes that the difference between modern porcelain enamel and Song Dynasty kiln porcelain is also here. In the opinion of many people, many high-fidelity products have done quite well today, but there is still a clear gap in terms of professionalism. The high imitation goods of the ancestral pottery kiln and the glaze are relatively monotonous. At present, some manufacturers have begun to add agate to the glaze, and still do not see the red effect of the Song Dynasty kiln porcelain.
"At present, there are too many fake things, which seriously restricts people's enthusiasm for collection. Whether it is the Ming and Qing porcelain collections or ancient porcelain collections, as a whole, there is still a very big room for development." Sun Nan said that collection of ancient porcelain, First of all, it is necessary to learn the relevant knowledge and identification techniques of ancient porcelain.

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