The sixth day men's risk-free joint venture shop model was a success

Fast fashion brand - the sixth day of men's fashion in 2014 will vigorously promote 2013's risk-free joint venture, shop policy. In 2013, the initial success of the joint venture was not only the gradual increase in the monthly dividend of associates, but also helped the associates to solve the pressure in the apparel industry that made everyone feel terrible headache and even deadly stockpile. Such as the vitality of the East Mall in Beijing shops, Sijiqing Auchan Department Store, Jin Le Department Store Wanjia Shangpin, etc., or the other cities in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Tianjin market, all adopted the joint venture with the staff model mechanism. The vast majority of Day 6 brands rank top in their shopping malls and employees profit more, with annual returns for many employees reaching more than 150%. 4 years of internal welfare sharing mechanism, the achievements of today's sixth day brand innovation joint venture cooperation mechanism, that is, risk-free partnership investment shop. Sixth Fashionable Men in 2014 Thank you for the continued growth of the sixth fashion men's wear in 2013! Thank you for always listening to our voices! Thank you for encouraging us all year! It is your strong support, the sixth fashion men's clothing will be a big step forward. Sixth fashion Men's 9-year stormy road, is that you encourage us to continue to innovate! Thank you for the sixth fashion men's all the way to support and support! So we will defend our promise: to provide you with the best quality support and service! In the sixth day in 2014, fashion men's clothing will continue to implement the risk-free joint venture shop model. Finally, thank you again for your attention and support for the sixth fashion men.

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