"Men's wardrobe" Hailan home warm "type" dynamic interpretation of different

Hailan home warm winter 2013 new products, interpretation of the latest season of fashion, insist on the perfect version of the style of inheritance and improvement; continue to break the design concept, always adhere to the best quality assurance, and integration of the hottest plaid this winter, Mao It, sweaters, candy colors, three-dimensional relief and other elements of the trend, Hailan home to the identity of men's leaders dedicated to the improvement and grasp of the details, and perfect show through the new winter. Helanlan winter series main type "version" line, a change of winter bloated normal, self-cultivation version of the design based on the integration of the vibrant candy colors, glossy materials, 3D relief technology and other elements for the winter with the band Comes new ideas, interpretation of the young positive energy and born unique. Fashion urban Slim solid color down jacket series The pace of modern urban life continues to accelerate, so that many people feel overwhelmed, dazzling colorful world although hectic, but there are many simple and bright beautiful things waiting to be discovered. 2013 Winter Hailan home inspired by modern urban life, the design introduced a new urban Slim solid color down jacket series, self-cultivation version of the candy color and bright natural fusion, providing a variety of personality colors of any different fashion men's choice: Mystery Sen Department of dark green, intellectual low-key light gray, sexy calm classic black, passionate exotic crimson and moist atmosphere of the gem blue, section of the "color", the perfect version, interpretation of light-duty charm. 3D relief self-cultivation color V-neck sweater series fashion, not publicity, self-cultivation section is the theme of this season's new Hailan sweater for young people who have just entered the community, not yet completely out of Sentimental workplace, the winter Dress slightly inadvertently appears to be exaggerated or old-fashioned, 2013 winter, Bingzheyodengdang, warm and practical two correct principle, Hailan home introduced a new 3D relief Slim self-cultivation color V-neck sweater series, Slim version Type design with 3D, hit color mosaic elements, creating a strong visual impact, both eye and low profile, both warm and self-cultivation. Sweater as a wild single product, whether it is the British range of children, retro range of children or business range of children, can perform well, showing a distinctive fashion heart machine. This winter, Hailan House warm with you, "type" move, wear a better version, warmer winter, to do more unique.

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