Winter season your underwear change it

November, the season, and your underwear have changed? And the summer emphasis on light and different styles, autumn and winter underwear more emphasis on gorgeous fashion, most of the colors to warm colors, such as red, orange and other mainly winter coat wearing partial thick, the choice of underwear can be bold, elegant and elegant embroidery, Sexy lace, all sang the protagonist.


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Autumn and winter because of dry climate, easy to loss of moisture in the underwear choice must pay attention to whether the fabric cup is soft, the sewing needle is smooth and does not rub the skin, the other underwear experts also reminded:

1. The weather is cold, underwear does not need to change every day. Cold weather, the body is not easy to sweat, underwear do not need to change every day for easy maintenance of underwear.

Can not wear underwear. Often do not wear underwear, easily lead to breast sagging.

3 master the correct method of wear. The correct method of wear is to adjust the length of the shoulder strap, it does not matter embedded in the shoulder of the meat, in order to stretch the fingers of the most appropriate degree of tightness, and then hand up, look under the underwear there is no slide; Into the cup next to the cup, will be around the fat dial in, flat on both sides of the underwear.

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