Collecting jade from the three aspects of "species, shape, work"

The most impressed in the Jade Club is the frequent contact with a large number of jade collection lovers. These people have different eyesights, different concepts and different collection methods. Even if they start collecting at the same time and invest the same financial resources, the results will be very different after many years. . At present, most collectors are not aware of it. Only when we compare horizontally, we can understand it.

Collecting jade from the three aspects of "species, shape, work"

In a nutshell, the collectors we meet can be divided into three categories:

The first category is the most mature and rational collectors, all of which are top-grade jadeites. The most important thing for such buyers is not the economic strength, but the sensitivity. They have been paying attention to the jade collection knowledge and jade market very early. They are not the people who hear the story, but are keen to learn the collection knowledge. This type of collector is very eye-catching and dare to shoot. In the past few years, there have been many good goods on hand. At present, these jadeites have more than doubled the price when they were just bought. Most experts do not have such good things on their hands. . Although the price of jade has been rising, they are still buying in the featured. In the Wan Ruixiang collector's jade course, we met a lot of such students. They all started collecting after learning. One of the students changed all the big and small markets in Beijing, analyzed and compared, and came to our club from time to time. After seven or eight times, I started to buy jade, but the shots were very quality, and the pieces were fine. After a few years, I received a lot of good goods. "Collection focuses on learning, very rational" is the most important feature of such collectors.

The second type of collector is relatively random. They will also care about the market. Many people will follow the friends to the market, but they will not take the time to study. The knowledge of jadeite is not comprehensive, but it is a set. The randomness of purchase is relatively large, in fact, it is more the result of seller sales, relatively lack of rationality and planning. Although the fakes will not be bought in the conventional market, the price will not be too outrageous, but the jadeite purchased under impulse is often not of good quality, the buyer's eyesight is not enough, the jade that is bought is not strong, and the appreciation space is not the biggest. of. Many people have this kind of experience. The jade that I liked very much when I bought it didn't like it for a while. The reason was that I didn't have enough eyesight when I bought it. After many purchases, my eyes came up, and the previous jade was not seen. We are in contact with such guests. They always want us to help them sell the jade that they don't like, but we can't help, because such jadeites don't like it, they can only stay in their hands.

The last category of buyers we have less exposure, but in fact the proportion is the biggest, they know very little about jade, only a vague concept, and many ambiguous, listening to others' vague standards. This type of buyer usually does not pay attention to jade, and feels that it has no use value and is far away from himself. However, when traveling, going out, or being influenced by an acquaintance companion, you will blindly purchase jade with a leaky attitude. When they saw the companion's purchase, they couldn't control it. At the same time, they were attracted by some merchants and they blindly shot. In short, I must feel that it is a rare opportunity. The mentality of buying goods must be "small to leak." As everyone knows, there is no leak in the jade collection. "There will be eye-catching", let alone a layman who does not understand the jade? It’s not as good as buying it in the regular market, but it’s not going to go wrong. These buyers have the most purchase problems and the most likely to buy fakes. We met such buyers, and often sighed for the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of them.

Is there a simple standard for collection-level jade? Wan Ruixiang proposed a written and clear jade collection standard in 2003. The standard has not changed so far, and it has stood the test of time for so many years. Collection-level jade, we must focus on the three aspects of "plant, shape, work". First of all, there must be a head of water, which is what the experts say, "the head is full, and the kind is good enough." This is the basis. Many laymen think that the emerald green is good, but without the water head as the foundation, the color is green again, it will be dull, not smart, and the appreciation space is not big. The same color system, the difference in species leads to a particularly large price difference. Ten years ago, the price of seeding and seeding was several times different, and now it has been several times different. Secondly, what many people, including experts, ignore is that the shape must be full of rules, not too thin, too thin, and the shape is fuller, indicating that the more complete the material, the higher the requirements for the material. The simpler the better, the jargon says "nothing to do without flowers". If there is no flaw, the engraver must not destroy the surface of the light. The carving is mostly to cover up the flaws. The carving is simple but the craft is particularly delicate. The good craftsmanship is to see the level in small places. Finally, the color should not be too biased. However, because the jadeite raw materials are too expensive, the color cast has also risen. In summary, the head, shape, and engraving are the absolute standards, and the three ultimately illustrate the core quality of the raw materials.

Collection of jade, especially when getting started, what should I pay attention to? The starting point of the collection is particularly important, so pay attention to the high-end things first. If the starting point is low, it will take a long time and money to "pay tuition", and the vision will gradually increase. The jade market is very complex, with a lot of goods, especially the middle and low-end quality. If you don't have a master, you really have to spend a lot of time to improve your eyesight. Our classroom training is equivalent to a high starting point. There will be a lot of top-level goods to get started. It will enable collectors to have a personal experience of true and false. They can protect themselves when they buy, and they will not be in the cloud.

What are the main misunderstandings of jade identification and appreciation? Our "Collector Emerald Course" has been in its 7th year, the 14th issue. During this process, we have contacted many students and have a deep feeling about the misunderstanding of jade identification and appreciation. Nowadays, there are many identification methods without scientific basis. Many people mistakenly think that it is a secret of remedies. In fact, this is unscientific and can be misleading. For example, in the 1990s, color filters were popularly used for identification, but this only identifies the dyed jade. The acid-treated B-carver is invisible. If you fully trust this means, consumers are more likely to buy fakes. goods. There are also some folk methods. For example, some people say that using emeralds to draw glass, the real thing is the real thing, but there are other materials that can be used to move the glass. In the course, we will realize that these so-called remedies are not science. of.

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