Baby bed maintenance three methods

What many moms find strange: Why is the same crib used by others for two or three years, and it took only one year? When the crib is bought back, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the bedding is also maintained.

Baby bed maintenance three methods

Baby bed maintenance and cleaning

1. Always use a slightly damp soft cloth to remove the dust along the grain texture; try not to use detergent to prevent the residue from being ingested by infants.

2, often touch the edge of the bed and the fence, whether there are foreign objects will affect the infants and young children.

3, try not to use detergent, use a slightly damp rag to clean the crib, and then wipe off the water stain with a dry rag.

Bedding maintenance: quilt should not be exposed for a long time

Maybe everyone thinks that the quilt is as long as possible. In fact, the sun quilt is also learned, ultraviolet light can kill the virus, under the combined action of sunlight and wind, the harmful bacteria and microorganisms adsorbed in the quilt can be quickly removed. Down, synthetic fibers and wool can not be exposed for a long time, and it can be dried in a ventilated place for about 1 hour.

Pillow height

When you find your baby wakes up, it feels a headache, neck pain, and also found symptoms of asthma, stuffy nose or runny nose. At this time, as a mother, you should change your pillow. The appropriate height of the pillow should be slightly lower behind the pillow when lying on the back, and higher near the neck, which can increase the contact area between the neck and the pillow, and maintain the natural physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra.

Method of storing baby quilts and pillows

The best way to store quilts and pillows is in a breathable cotton bag. The duvets, silk quilts and wool in the home are not recommended to be vacuum-retained, and the air in the quilt is completely sucked away, which may affect the warmth effect in the future.

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