Jade investment will usher in the best market

Jade investment will usher in the best market Yesterday, jade industry insiders said that in the Jade market, "Flour expensive over bread", Jade Investment ushered in another wave of the best market.

“Game Period” or brewing finished product prices The Shenzhen Sanlian Crystal Jade Cultural Association consultant Chen Feng believes that at present, the Jade Market is in a game period. On the one hand, the price of wool is soaring. On the other hand, the price of finished products has not dared to follow up with the market acceptance. Once this game period has passed and the finished product price has risen as much as the price of wool, it is a certain thing.

“Some people think that the price of jadeite is too high and there is no room for investment.” For example, Chen Feng stated that in 1990, the glass species of jade was only 100 yuan per kilogram. In 1995, about 10,000 yuan per kilogram, the current price. It is 1 million to 2 million yuan per kilogram. According to Chen Feng’s judgment, since the resources are non-renewable, it may be possible to increase to 5 million yuan per kilogram. Chen Feng said that the emerald is not the same as the house, and it is impossible to estimate when it is the highest price. In this sense, when jade investment is not the most expensive, the key lies in timing. "The change of the Myanmar jadeite plate has undoubtedly made it possible for Jadeite Investment to usher in yet another wave of the best market."

If there is a professional background, you can invest in wool. “If you have spare cash, you can buy some good jade for investment.” However, Chen Feng reminded that when investing, he must find a real connoisseur to determine whether the price of jadeite to buy is reasonable. Buying high, profit margins are small; be sure to buy natural, do not buy fakes.

"If the idle funds are relatively strong and there are professional backgrounds, they can also invest in wool." Chen Feng said that he once spent 400 yuan to buy a piece of jadeite wool, and later sold 410,000 yuan, which is said to have risen to 1.6 million yuan; someone from A piece of emerald wool that Burmese bought more than 7 million yuan and later sold 160 million yuan ... ... This is similar to this kind of "winning the jackpot" opportunity, and certainly not much now. Chen Feng said that the investment in emerald wool is the same as the investment in emerald products. As long as it is accurate and the price is reasonable, making money is certain. Because of the scarcity of jade resources, the price of jadeite is certain. The difference between the two lies in the fact that investment wool has the opportunity to “win big prizes” and there is no such opportunity to invest in finished products.

The Shenzhen Sanlian Crystal Jade Cultural Association will remind the Yangtze River that the direct investment in wool, some people make money, some people do not make money or even lose money. Because, the internal material of the jadeite wool material has changed greatly, and there is a lot of “gambling”. It is not possible to completely determine by cutting one knife or two.

You can also invest in jade related financial products Jiang Zengxiang reminded, if it is direct investment in jewelry products, pay attention to the purchase of A cargo Jade, that is, natural jade material. Some of the B and C cargo jade rough looks very perfect, but compared to the perfect perfection of the A cargo Jade, the market value is very different.

Jiang Zengxiang said that for experienced jadeite friends, it is not difficult to identify the B and C cargoes that are colored with rubber. If you do not have experience, you can ask the other party to provide the jade jewelry appraisal certificate before buying. The contents of the certificate will contain the product material, product number and verification website. You can enter the relevant information for this jewelry.

Jiang Zengxiang also reminded investors that they can also invest in jade wealth management products. For example, Shenzhen Tiancai Xianghe Jade Jewelry Co., Ltd. successfully launched the establishment of three jade **, and provided the relevant "Jade jade sales package", if you can not buy back, you can return the original price, but also get the appropriate promotional fees.

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