Explain the various greens of the emerald

In the present, the beauty is the beauty of the present, with its radiant and pretty, emerald illuminating the hearts of all jade lovers, gradually becoming the mainstream of jewelry, jade is mineralogy called jadeite, is a kind of pyroxene minerals, The chemical composition is sodium lead silicate, hardness 7, and specific gravity of 3.3-3.4. The glass is shiny, the transparency is good, and the silk fibroin in the sun or the light can be seen. The mineralogy is called "felt structure", so it is very tough.

Jade has red, green, purple, white, yellow, brown, blue, gray, black and other colors. The colors are different in depth and different in color, while green is more varied. In the same industry, in order to use the language to express the quality of a piece of greenware, so that the other side has a general understanding, thus creating some special terms. After years of accumulation and widespread use, these special terms have become the industry terminology of jewellery and jade dealers. Some outsiders have heard some can understand, while others are not easy to understand.

First of all, introduce the difference between "ç¿¡" and "ç¿ ". The red jade jade is called ç¿¡, ç¿¡, actually it is the lining of the green, the jade material of Laoshan jade has the outer skin, but it does not necessarily have the rind, so there are so many more. The cockroaches on the artifacts are rarely true, and most of them are burnt red.

Green classification

The green jade jade is called Cui. There are many kinds of greens in Cui, so I will list them frequently:

Hard green: Hard green means that the color of green is too strong, just like the technical skills of people, it can withstand the test. This green is the same regardless of the environment, so it is called hard green.

Ghost Green: The opposite of hard green is not soft green but ghost green. This kind of green looks very good under the night light. It looks lighter during the day and is lighter when viewed in the sun. It changes with the light and darkness of the light or the color of the packaging materials, so it is called Ghost Green. .

é…½ Green: It means the color is heavy. The color of the tea is called é…½ tea, and the green color is thick, so it is called green.

Light green: refers to light green with better transparency.

Huangyang Green: Green is fine and transparent, slightly flashing yellow.

Glass green: It means that the green is both transparent and good, and the south is called ice.

Budgerigar Green: The green color is like the green on the parrot.

Gemstone Green: Green is positive, transparent, like emerald.

Bai Yatang: Bai Yatang is named after the person who bought the materials. This material looks delicate and moist, soft and not bright in the composition, but it is especially beautiful after changing to the ring.

Three thousand three: named after the price of the green material. This material is hard green and has good transparency.

Luoguo Green: This material is named after the shape, the material is fine and the green is particularly bright.

Three hundred and twenty thousand: This material is also named after the purchase price. The green turbidity is unclear and the purchase price is so expensive because of the large size of the material and the special products.

River water green: Green like the water in the river, mixed with green is not correct, and not transparent.

Spinach Green: Green is thick, but the transparency is poor.

Shallow green: green and transparent, but light in color.

蛤蟆 Green: opaque, green flashing blue flashing gray stone.

Pip Green: Green is not concentrated, small dots or small green.

White land is pretty: There are small pieces of green on the white ground, and the green is good.

Chives mixed with tofu: there are green silk on the white ground.

Water head, moisture: are words that express transparency. Some people love to say water heads, and some people love to say water. Jade and water do have a relationship, no matter what kind of jade pieces, in the water for two days, it is obviously smooth and beautiful, leaving the water for two or three days and returning to the original state. Therefore, the goods that I want to sell out are always in the water for two days.

The place: There are many finished products that are completely polished with green jade. However, most of the green materials have several colors on one piece, especially the white part is more than the green part. Therefore, it is possible to make a piece of the object by using two colors or three colors. The other part of the object is called "land".

Hey, Liu: These two words are the words that are cracked. Cracking is a major shortcoming of jade. Buying materials or buying finished products first look at green, and secondly, seeing splitting, because there is a lot of difference between the value of flawless and flawless. Everything that is made of flowers must be printed in the sun or under the light, and then bid.

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