France CHANTAL THOMASS incurable romantic and sexy

France Chantal Thomass 2013 spring summer new underwear preview. CHANTAL THOMASS, the name of French underwear fashion industry, designer CHANTAL THOMASS named after his own brand, from 1975 to the present, although only thirty years of history, but because of its unique design style and concept of French fashion recognition.

法国CHANTAL THOMASS 无可救药的浪漫与性感

CHANTAL is also known as "underwear godmother." Her move to wear underwear, lingerie fashion, underwear with their own design to create a postmodern style but has the atmosphere of the 18th century soul, repeated wins and defeats, victorious - behind the playful is that the French can not save Drugs romantic.

法国CHANTAL THOMASS 无可救药的浪漫与性感

Chantal Thomass is recognized as the mother of fashion underwear. She will become a high fashion corset, the underwear original secrecy, into a righteous confidently gorgeous exposure. She has created the second layer of skin to wear and wear out of fashion with well-designed lace and lace, or dull, or blinking, or opaque, or through perspective, embroidery or hollowing out materials, as well as multiple colors. In addition to the bust and underwear sets, but also with improved corset harness style, extremely mysterious and able to do.

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