Jennifer lingerie luxury color distribution of strong aromatic flavor

Jennifer Flower underwear gorgeous colors Zhang Yang female charm, the expression of contemporary women's desire for fashion. Delicate product expression of delicate women, soft emotional appeal, so that women love Jennifer Carefully skin care, revel in the heart of the dream space, away from the complex and luxurious, self-confidence, self-confidence, elegant and calm face On life.

珍妮花 - Jeniform

Luxury glam noble blue with a mercerized fabric, more feminine extraordinary temperament, refined lace to enhance the sense of quality, so you have a very different experience of clothing.

珍妮花内衣 奢华色系散发浓厚香醇味

Fuchsia is a romantic and comfortable color, always able to create an intoxicating atmosphere, exudes a mellow taste, black lace underwear and bras against each other, to create the perfect wearing experience.

100% Polyester Microfiber Fabric

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