The role and characteristics of wool

Wool fiber is one of the earliest natural fibers used by humans in textiles. The main raw material for wool is wool fiber. Wool fibers are soft and flexible and can be used in the manufacture of textiles such as wool, wool, felts, felts and other industrial and industrial textiles. Wool products are characterized by fullness, warmth and comfortable wearing, so wool is known as the most suitable quilt.

Because of the good curling characteristics of wool fibers, the insulation of wool is unquestionable. The wool has a good drapability, so the fit is good. As the name suggests, wool woven with wool fibers has many advantages:

Increased deep sleep: According to authoritative experiments, cashmere bedding can increase people's deep sleep time by more than 25%, keeping heart rate slow and stable and close to the skin.

Moisture absorption and drying, warm in winter and cool in summer: the human body will exclude a lot of water during sleep. The unique molecular structure of cashmere can absorb water vapor into the hollow structure. Cashmere can absorb more than 35% of its own weight of water vapor without moisture. It is quickly eliminated, so it can be kept warm and dry in the cold, and it can be breathable and cool when it is hot.

Fluffy and soft, not knotted: cashmere has at least 40% natural elasticity, cashmere can be restored to more than 90% of the original thickness after being pressed, so as to remain fluffy, soft, and not knotted.

Natural flame retardant, safe and reliable: Cashmere is not easy to ignite, it is not easy to release a lot of heat when burning, does not produce open flame, does not melt, and can resist severe burning, so it is very safe.

Dust-proof, anti-bacterial and anti-mite: Cashmere is highly hygroscopic, it is not easy to generate static electricity, dust and dirt are not easy to adhere, and the water is absorbed into its own fiber before releasing the water vapor to the outside, which reduces the life cycle of the insect. Therefore, cashmere is very suitable for infants, asthma, rheumatism patients and the elderly.

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