After the robbery of jade, the conscience is uneasy and surrendered

The Spring Festival is approaching. Zhu, who had no money to go home for the New Year, came to the jade shop to carry out the robbery. However, due to excessive tension and looting, he fled and fled. After he escaped, he felt conscience and went to the police station to surrender himself.

At 8 o'clock on the evening of January 21, Zhu was helpless and had no money to go home. He saw a jade jewelry store with fewer people, so he started the idea of ​​robbery. After entering the jewelry store, I began to fight ideologically: in the end, I couldn’t grab it? How to grab it? Finally I decided to grab it, so he took out a razor with a silver-black box from the bag, filled it with a bomb, and carried out a robbery.

Because he was too nervous to take the jade, he asked the staff to help him out. At this time, another salesperson walked into the store, causing Zhu to panic, leaving a "bomb" and turning and rushing out.

After I came out, I got a taxi and said that I was a wanted criminal. I wanted to give the driver 1000 yuan, or I would kill someone. But the driver said that he did not, and got off the bus. Later, I felt conscientious and stopped a taxi and begged the driver to send it to the police station to surrender. Currently detained.

Xiaobian Wuyu: Doing things by people can't violate their own principles. The Spring Festival is approaching, and vigilant blockbusters will appear frequently. Please protect your own family and protect your family and private property.

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