Do not let home textile “anti-quarter purchase” become the pain of consumers

In summer, it is often the time for summer coolers such as mats to be sold, and the season for bed linens to be discounted. At this time, many home textile brands will even launch an ultra-low discount of 30% to 50%, in order to attract consumers to purchase, and many consumers even buy more than one set.

At the time of purchasing merchandise at a famous home textile shop, the public Zhang Ke noticed that the long-awaited bedding product was being promoted and bought three sets at a time. They were two sets of thin bedding for spring and autumn use, and a thick velvet for winter use. Bedding set. She told reporters: "It's too cheap. When you saw this 4-piece suit last winter, it cost 598 yuan. Now as long as 298 yuan, the price has fallen by half."

Moreover, when reporters visited the home textile stores in some well-known shopping malls in Beijing, they also noticed that many bedding products were below 50%, especially if some of the beddings with relatively high prices were now reduced in value, and they all had to “sell” them. .

“Buying this kind of thing must be worthwhile to buy it off-season. Bedding is also a big commodity.” The citizen Liu ** said that when she bought bedding products last winter, she found that the price had gone up a lot, so she was planning on scouring this summer. The price is a lot cheaper.

Although the anti-season purchase of bedding products has been regarded as a “kingdom” for saving money by many budget-conscious consumers, there are still some consumers who disregard this promotion. They think that there must be “delicious” behind this.

Ms. Wang, who once particularly liked the anti-season shopping, told reporters: “I used to buy seasonal products because I was cheap. But once I bought a cotton quilt that was off the season, I waited until winter time and I found out that it was covered. There are many black spots, and the filling that was found inside was not cotton at all, but inferior 'black cotton'. From then on, I would not dare to buy anti-season bedding." However, what consumers think is " "Non-professionals" is not just shoddy this one, such as "price increase after the first price", "hanging the sheep to sell dog meat" and so are some of the promotion methods used by bad businesses, it is precisely because there is a small part The mercenaries who are mercenary are the ones who have caused many consumers to “be bitten by snakes and fear the rope for ten years.” Since then, they have been away from the off-season shopping and discount promotions. As a result, many honest sellers have lost their sales markets.

It is undeniable that bullying consumers' promotional activities can indeed enable companies to obtain instant profits. However, at the same time when products are being compromised, the brand image will also plummet, eventually disrupting the normal market competition order. Anti-season sales is not only a time for brands to benefit consumers, but also an important opportunity for quick withdrawal of corporate funds. If companies do not treat them with sincerity, it is tantamount to self-financing. Moreover, consumers nowadays have become more rational, and the price of products is no longer the only factor in their purchases. After quality, brand, and practicality are measured, they will decide whether or not to purchase. Therefore, when companies conduct anti-season sales, they must follow the principle of good faith and must not let the “anti-quarter purchase” become a pain for consumers.

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