Warp knitted fabric

Warp knitted fabric Warp knitted fabrics are often made from synthetic filaments such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, and can also be made from raw materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, and blended yarn. By using different warp knitting machines and jacqu READ MORE

Autumn holiday wear children's holiday wear

Holidays, looks like every month there may be more than the first half, but Xiaobian feel very much in the second half, to grasp every holiday, holidays, not only workers like, children are also very fond of, because you can enjoy playing, but also Do not have to worry about work, you can let yours READ MORE

Zhuo Victoria double double sign signed passion in Sept…

On September 15, 2015, Sogni Kids in Hong Kong signed a contract with Shenzhen Pinghu-Hong and Suizhou-Hubei Ms Liu. The Dolce Vita children's clothing is delightful. With British fashion style, they are integrated into the local area to create a touch of style , To bring a naive and colorful l READ MORE

Yoshino silk discount women invite you to see Houndstoo…

The Xizi Silk Code discounted women's wear brought together nearly 1,000 brands at home and abroad to form a strategic alliance, breaking the chaotic market pattern caused by a single price war in recent years. Greatly benefit a lot of keen pursuit of the brand, but not enough economic strengt READ MORE

Turquoise, you still don't know how to classify it?

Classified by color A, blue turquoise (Blueturquoise): blue, opaque block, sometimes dark blue; B, light blue turquoise (Palablueturquoise): light blue, opaque block; C, Blue-green turquoise (Blue-green turquoise): blue-green, opaque block; D, Green Turquoise (Green READ MORE

Congratulations to Jiacai Women's 15 new stores sig…

Over the years, Jiacai Women has devoted themselves to the study of cotton and linen type production, combining natural materials with advanced versions, and always making good use of natural materials such as wood, cotton, hemp and silk, and these elements always bring people a comfort. The elegan READ MORE

ONLY fashion brand 2015 autumn women's new knit cow…

ONLY is a pioneer in front-end denim production technology and manufacturing process. In each season, ONLY continues to expand the brand-new experience brought by denim, a classic fabric, from precision cutting, washing effects to changing profiles. This season, ONLY launched a new generation of in READ MORE