Korean version of children's wear with the fall and…

The most indispensable autumn and winter dress should be the Korean version of it, the Korean version of the style is not only the pursuit of girls, men also like it endlessly, and now the majority of children's wear is also dominated by the Korean version, want to dress up their own very Fanfa READ MORE

Autumn most popular dress style long-sleeved dress with

Are you really ready for the fall and winter seasons? Or, as always, wearing short-sleeved, short skirts, one day is the day until the time really cool down to consider really no clothes to wear, to go out and buy clothes, so you can not find your heart-water style, to Prepare for the next season READ MORE

How to judge the quality of crystal jewelry when buying

[China Glass Network] With the fiery heat of the crystal market, more and more people are refining the wearing of crystal jewelry, but the quality of natural gemstones is mostly mixed, so how to pick yourself up when purchasing? The judgment of the quality of the crystal jewel READ MORE

In the late summer, the autumn air comfortable wide coa…

Ben Wang August 20 hearing, the end of summer is approaching, but occasionally autumn tigers will also attack, so that "no painful" temperature is the most headache to wear what, in fact, is very simple, that you are missing a gown, this thin gown Do not miss the opportunity to wear it a READ MORE

What is white marble?

In daily life, we often see marbles with light tones, clear textures and beautiful patterns. People often use marble to decorate walls, make desktops and a variety of stationery and crafts. The railings around the base of the main halls of the Forbidden City in Beijing are READ MORE

Suitable for early autumn dress what? Fashionable early…

After the summer heat, the heat began to fade, as the weather gradually cool down, we should put on the autumn, and the dress as an essential summer dress up a single product, in the early autumn season to dress up the same as ultimately it , But the choice of style is slightly different, then wha READ MORE

2014 autumn and winter fabric trends: knitting

Surprisingly, knitted fabrics became a dark horse in the 2014 autumn and winter series of advanced clothing. In addition to knitting large Missoni, CHANEL, Marc Jacobs, Viktor Rolf and Emilio Pucci and other brands also do their homework on knitted fabrics: knit embossing, knit fabrics and differen READ MORE