Aisi Siya poetry women witness the poetic romantic life

The steps of time walked gently, leaving a beautiful memory of life, poetic life, 尽显 fashion beautiful. Yinuo Si Ya poetry thus born, because of your presence, you are out of my hands, let the good and happiness with us forever, let us go hand in hand with nature and beautiful, so full READ MORE

"Finnish wealth to win the world" In 2012, Je…

April 11, 2012, "Finnish wealth to win the world" In 2012, Jennifer underwear wealth peak in the beautiful Hangzhou - Huachen Ginza Hotel grand! The venue combines Jenny Fen fashion, self-confidence, vitality, creativity and modern minimalist style, 尽显 unique visual experience. READ MORE

Han Lier underwear - hug life has a perfect sexy

In television can always see the hot sexy body of women in the actual life of their own all aspects of the strict requirements, but in the end is worth the candle, in the face of the market in a variety of popular health underwear sales popular, Korea has become the public in the country Unanimous READ MORE

Youth charm bloom belongs to your clothes Qinxiang

"Clothing with Qinxiang" clothing and thousands of first-class brand into a strategic alliance. Joining clothes with Qinxiang do not initial fee and deposit, "clothes with Qinxiang" to the original price ( 100 yuan -1800 yuan / piece) one-sixth ( 15 yuan -150 yuan) Market, and READ MORE

Diversify the pure 2011 spring design elements

The pure spring denim floral trend continued with the pure 2011 spring collection, and new flying elements were added inside it, which means flying with dreams. The blue cowboy, the aircraft division's dress into mature tough elements, revealing a strong independent side, but the infus READ MORE

AMINTA "(Amita) women's fashion to establish a…

"AMINTA" ( Amyita ) to modern women to provide a perfect state of life as its mission, the fashion and classic docking, so that leisure and comfort coexist, through exquisite tailoring, smooth lines in the mature temperament reveals young vitality. Owns a number of outstanding domestic c READ MORE

"SHOW SHOW" The second China Fashion Underwea…

March 14, 2012, Shanghai New International Expo Center N5 Museum Conference Center is packed, from Zhejiang Satellite TV, "Metropolis Express," "Qianjiang Evening News," "China Textile News," "China Fashion Weekly," " underwear show" , Internationa READ MORE