CARVEN Hiver2012 interpretation of the flashy Baroque c…

CARVEN costumes with gorgeous crafts, elegant design soon reputation in Paris, by the princes in Paris, Egypt's royal family and Hollywood stars of all ages. 2012, CARVEN will flashy baroque aesthetic interpretation. CARVEN Hiver2012 interpretation of the flashy Baroque court style CARVE READ MORE

Diesel Black Gold 2013 men's spring and summer seri…

Since Wilbert Das slashed the Diesel Black Gold series, the refinement of Diesel's clothing and the improvement of its garments have led to the success of the Diesel Black Gold line of products. In the new design of the spring and summer of 2013, whether it is a suit or a leather jacket, people READ MORE

Recent domestic yarn price review

Recently, the domestic yarn market has not changed. The market for most varieties is undergoing consolidation. The market quotations have not changed much. The overall market turnover remains weak, and the downstream market has not changed significantly. The pure cotton yarn market remaine READ MORE

Secret Crocs Brand Management

For shoe and apparel companies, the unpredictable market environment requires companies to keep pace with customers, and build innovative business management processes around customer-centric, constant business rules, so as to enhance the company's rapid market response capabilities. S READ MORE

Native costume cliff effect

China, as the world's largest apparel producer, faces a huge crisis in the local apparel industry. Influenced by the global economic integration, the trade between countries will be driven by all forces. In the first half of 2012, the total inventory of 42 domestic listed apparel comp READ MORE

Wang Zhenyao Talks about Aokang's Anti-Dumping Mode…

In March 2010, Wang Zhenyi, chairman of Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aokang), needed to make a difficult decision: Should he not appeal to the EU High Court? It should not be necessary to state what this means. Since October 2006, when the European Union for READ MORE

Value for money fashion Ascott Men portrait build

So that every man has a great value for money fashion clothing! This is the business mission of Astrid Menswear. Over the years, Astrid men have been unanimously engaged in this effort and relied on a strong chain of terminal systems to drive the demand for clothing consumption and established a lo READ MORE