Cotton fabric cleaning and disinfection

1. The most common and simplest and most effective method for daily exposure to sunlight is solar radiation disinfection, making full use of the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet light in sunlight. Experiments have shown that direct sunlight can cause weakly resistant bacteria such as typhoid READ MORE

This kind of jade is quite popular in the collection.

Jadeite is also known as jade jade, jade jade, jadeite, and jade jade. It is a kind of jade, the color is emerald green or red. The jade stone is formed mainly by jadeite, omphacite and sodium chromite during the geological process. Jade-grade polycrystalline aggregates. T READ MORE

Black and white classic style with a different winter j…

Winter slowly came to us, we should also reserve winter clothes, the winter is the least style is down jacket, and almost every year to buy so one or two down jacket, but down jacket this year will feel outdated to wear, to Choose the right color, choose the classic black and white every y READ MORE

Bedding experience

When choosing bedding, since the bedding directly touches the body, you must choose soft cotton fabrics such as cotton and silk. These beddings have good hand feeling, strong heat preservation performance and easy cleaning. You should also pay more attention to the performance of the product, y READ MORE

2014 spring and summer popular gorgeous local gold

Leading Phrases : 'Tyrants' and 'Thaojin' have become quite popular nowadays, and the fashion industry will never miss a chance to make a big fuss about the fashion. The 2014 Spring-Summer Fashion Week came to a close. The dazzling local tyrants made money on the T stage. Of course, READ MORE

Winter season your underwear change it

November, the season, and your underwear have changed? And the summer emphasis on light and different styles, autumn and winter underwear more emphasis on gorgeous fashion, most of the colors to warm colors, such as red, orange and other mainly winter coat wearing partial thick, the choice of unde READ MORE

Autumn blue items with a refreshing atmosphere

This site on October 29 hearing, the official arrival of the autumn season, trendy autumn single product widely concerned about. If you want to become a fashionista, it is recommended to demonstrate the refreshing blue style. A blue single item full of cool and mysterious charm can breathe out the READ MORE