De Beers Diamond Jewelry and Diamonds

ADIAMONDISFOREVER In the winter of silver, the gift of a beautiful and romantic gift to the beloved is not only the overflow of the petting, but also the warmth of the sincere blessing. "Beauty Master" De Beers Diamond jewellery (DEBEERSDIAMONDJEWELLERS) launc READ MORE

MO&Co2014 autumn and winter 10 classic pop style

Rock, street, sports, boys and girls... MO Fan's children have to express themselves in a multi-style, self-independent attitude to life, from silhouette coats and motorcycle jackets to printed sweaters and neat pencil skirts. Mix and match each other to create a new look MO looks. This fall, w READ MORE

The meaning of the jade Buddha pendant

Jade Buddha pendants have recently sold fire in the market. Dai Yufo Pendant has become a fashion in this society. What is the meaning of the jade Buddha pendant? We know that since ancient times, jade is a very good accessory, and people regard jade as a precious treas READ MORE

Jewelry and jade identification certificate is not reli…

Recently, the author visited and found that the types of identification certificates for jewelry and jade products are quite numerous. In Wangfujing Department Store, a salesperson of a jewellery jade brand told the author that the brand's identification certificate wa READ MORE

CARTIER's 2014 Christmas gift recommendation (Figur…

Christmas is coming in 2014, Cartier brings you the sparkling golden Christmas, setting off a beautiful moment. This time, Cartier sincerely recommends a variety of exquisite works, following every warm time worthy of praise and memory. Cartier's work is also suitable READ MORE

The number of job seekers is low and employment pressur…

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Labor issued the “Analysis of Supply and Demand of Public Employment Service Institutions in Selected Cities in the Third Quarter of 2014”, which mentioned that the number of job seekers in 102 cities across the coun READ MORE

Analysis of application knowledge of tempered glass

[China Glass Net] Tempered glass, also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, is a kind of fiber reinforced plastic. It is made of resin as the basic material and then made of glass fiber and its products like glass cloth and yarn as a reinforcing material. material. This ma READ MORE