Jiangmen welcome KHAKI Kach House second store

After the first store in Jiangmen achieved good results, KHAKI Kach House decided to win the second store at Huayi Department Store. Huayi Department Store is located in the Golden Century Plaza, surrounded by parking, children's playground, noble residential facilities, Jiangmen is the highest READ MORE

Interview how to wear only decent girls interview what …

Soon to the job season again, the first impression when the interview is very important, though not strictly required in the dress, but also tens of thousands of random, then, how dress was decent? What to wear when girls interview? Figure: colorful butterfly 2014 new clothes Suit has always giv READ MORE

Sweet lingerie brand beauty summer new sweet and moving

Every girl has a sweet dream inside, even in the choice of underwear , but also hope to be a sweet actress. Colorful fashion underwear, in-depth understanding of the psychological needs of girls in underwear style and style of choice, focusing on sweet and lovely and mature gorgeous coexistence, s READ MORE

Chu Court TRUGIRL-Welcome Yingshan shop in Huanggang Ci…

Chu Ge TRUGIRL (International) Fashion Huangshan City, Hubei Ying Shan store, on April 26, 2014 grand opening. British Hill, attached to Huanggang City, located in the northeast of Hubei Province, the main peak of the Dabie Mountains Tiantang Walled South. North of Anhui Jinzhai, Huoshan, east of READ MORE

Gemstone interior features easy observation

The simple observation of internal features refers to observations of inclusions, blemishes, structures, ribbons and growth lines inside the gemstone products, and artificially treated traces, etc., so as to identify them. The observation and study of inclusions is mainly for single cryst READ MORE

2014 Karl Fett Micro Marketing Training on "China …

Today, with the mobile phone intelligent and mobile social network, WeChat is overwhelming with more than 400 million subscribers. Wechat is no longer just a social platform for the aged, children from school to home. , And become a platform for integrating "time fragmentation", a collect READ MORE

NellyRodi2015 spring and summer women's fashion tre…

Leading : NellyRodi Design Studio is a leading international trend forecasting agency. It is one of the top four trend forecasting agencies in France. It has internationalized forecasting information in 21 countries around the world. The studio’s concept of predicting trends is released 18 m READ MORE