Both cold and versatile jade are not as difficult as yo…

Jade is called the king in jade, the color of the green ice and the gas field that is domineering, so many people think that the jade is very cold, so be careful. But in fact, Maxima wants to be tamed by Bole, and as long as the method is mastered, jade can be very close t READ MORE

Beautiful jade show - Hetian jade four heavy four light

[heavy fine color] Senior experts remind collectors and consumers not to blindly chase the color of jade. Anyone who knows well knows that the most important thing about jade is not whiteness but oiliness, purity and fineness. Yangzhiyu is a popular name for Hetian jade READ MORE

Short-sleeved small suit exudes elegance OL temperament

Speaking of these two days of weather, really responded to that sentence: "The weather is like a woman's face, that change becomes." I believe we all know these two days of sudden weather changes are caused by a typhoon in the hot The summer can be cool and comfortable Spring and Aut READ MORE

Summer refreshing shorts with all occasions of the week

This site on July 8th was in the midsummer and it was light and comfortable to wear. What single item would you think of in your mind? Yes, it was shorts! It was easy to wear and various styles could be created in different styles. You can cope with various occasions, whether it is work or dating, READ MORE

good news! Warm congratulations ladies era opened Baise…

Good news, good news! Ladies era opened in Baise shop in Guangxi it! This is following Dongguan, Shantou after another new store, hot summer, hard working boss to work hard to prepare for the opening of new stores. Here, I congratulate the new store opened, business is booming. Women's brand READ MORE

2015 Hung Hom KIDS "Growing Happy" National T…

The terminal is the end point of the sales channel. Doing a good job in terminal management has the most direct and vital significance for the promotion of first-line sales. In order to further standardize the unified management of terminal stores nationwide, improve the professional READ MORE

2015 spring and summer women's popular dress style …

Dress should be the most indispensable style girls, right now some boys like to wear "skirt" shape, girls naturally can not show weakness, Danfoss poetry dress 2015 spring and summer dress style, is now in 2015, but The cold is still not subsided, this is not the reason we have to avoid, READ MORE